Multiple female org​@​sm (Barry White for the post​-​menopausal woman​)​.

by alfredo genovesi



A piece written for dancer/performer Martina Gudmundson ('Bold for You').

i just remember katie saying how she found the piece really really sexy/sexual maybe its the surging, the moist bubbling sounds, the changing states, the repetition, the urgency, painful feedback, hunger, and the massive explosions.


released December 1, 2012



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alfredo genovesi Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alfredo Genovesi.. is a free improvising electronic guitarist.
Thank thuck for Hendrix & Hans Reichel !


"Really outrageous stuff...The range of (his) work is awesome.". . . John Zorn.

"eddying currents of guitar overridden and rearranged by a culmative welter of modifications..loaded like detritus into the drift"..... David Stubbs (The Wire).

"Great legs". .. Mary Oliver (Violinist).
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