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A piece made for choreographer & dancer Lily Kiara. This was called 'Supernature' that because that was name of art gallery evening. mark hosking, a uk artist displaying sculptures in skybox gallery, amsterdam. i played the music for the opening. i saw sculpture and just played. but in reality not so romantic or easy as i was in a crowded room with people just talking of course. there was an interesting conflict between the morphic curvy bio shapes of the sculpture and the tranquility of the music against what as at the time extremely difficult conditions in which to play my brand of ambient , gradually unfolding ambient guitar music. i was no where near the sculpture when i made this music.
this was my first foray into making clicks and pops more of an integral part of the soundscape. kind of reminds me of fireworks.
i have supplied a pic of one of marks sculptures. this wasn't the one on display. it was much more bigger and detailed, but had the same characteristically curvy pleasing bio organic shapes. it was ore tree like and placed in an old lift shaft.

the dance to my mind could be quite smokey, ineffable, a transplant sort of presence required perhaps. lightness in both senses of the word thats why i thought you would somehow be good for this.
but of course lilly you do whatever comes to your mind. i am just letting you know what went through mine.


released December 1, 2012



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alfredo genovesi Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alfredo Genovesi.. is a free improvising electronic guitarist.
Thank thuck for Hendrix & Hans Reichel !


"Really outrageous stuff...The range of (his) work is awesome.". . . John Zorn.

"eddying currents of guitar overridden and rearranged by a culmative welter of modifications..loaded like detritus into the drift"..... David Stubbs (The Wire).

"Great legs". .. Mary Oliver (Violinist).
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